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Sally has a spirit that radiates light, love and possibility. She is an incredibly beautiful teacher and is eager to share her wisdom and passion with others. I was captivated by Sally’s authenticity and contagious energy in my first yoga class with her and I look forward to her gentle guidance every week. Sally’s extensive background in holistic wellness will inspire you to try new things and put you on a path to a very happy and healthy life. She is a true gem!

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Scott M

Biology is the biography of the body and to achieve that, Sally is the best guide to soul and strength and structure.


Michele C.

Sally’s love and dedication to her students does not end when you leave her classes. Her genuine care and concern for all is obvious and she has an uncanny intuition to offer exactly what everyone in that room needs. Her words, wisdom and passion for what she does are powerful and helpful to the body and soul. There are days I can not get to class quick enough to get some of that Sally love and light.

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Paul H

I have known Sally Murphy for the past seven years. During that time, Sally has been a deeply inspiring yoga teacher and coach for me. She possesses intricate knowledge of body mechanics, and tailored techniques for progression within the practice of yoga. Sally’s grace, quiet wisdom and sense of humor disguise her underlying ability to push individuals to their maximum level of performance; and her expertise cuts across many different levels and areas of fitness. She has helped me maintain my physical and mental health, and specifically to make the fine adjustments in yoga techniques...


Sophie W

Sally practically glows with passionate, positive energy. Her dedication is unwavering and she always seems to know just what you need.

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Patrick W

Guilderland, NY

This is the hardest testimonial I probably ever written. Not because I do not have nice things to say but because I know that anything I write cannot possibly do justice to what Sally represents and means to me. Sally means joy and happiness from a depth that is hard to fathom. Sally means raising my spirits like the sun takes over the dawn. Sally means a duvet of love when you feel your soul gets colder. Sally means an anchor to hold you through the maelstrom. Sally means balancing mind and body, yin and yang, left brain and right brain. Sally means everything to me.

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I have known Sally since the time I started doing hot yoga. She's now like a sister to me guiding me through my dark times. she's is more than a teacher more than a coach more than any regular instructor she is a nurturer who sees through you and will make you feel better in any which way possible. I wasn't a regular to yoga or working out but the connection I had with Sally made me come regularly to her classes. She's magnetic and her energy is contagious. she's the best mentor anyone can ask for.