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New Year, New You?

On one hand I absolutely love the idea of starting new, especially when it is accompanied with the mindset of being a better version of who we are today, growth baby! However, sometimes around the New Year we accompany the idea of “new me” with unrealistic goals and an unhealthy way in which we go about achieving these goals. When we set the bar so high and try to go from 0 to 100, we are truly only setting ourselves up for failure. It doesn’t have to be this way, becoming a better version of who you are today doesn’t have to be so damn hard. We simply have to start small. In order to reach our goals we have to develop new habits and let me tell you that shit ain’t easy. So before you even get started, remind yourself that hard work ALWAYS pays off and nothing comes easy but in the end it is ALWAYS worth it.

A habit by simple definition is a regular tendency or practice that becomes hard to give up. We can develop both bad and good habits but when it comes to becoming better than we are today we must develop habits that will support that path and in doing so we must choose to surround ourselves with people who will support this new journey and maybe for a period of time be brave enough to walk alone. What I mean by this is, you’re not going to lose the 15 pounds that you want if you continue to meet your friends for happy hour and try and watch them drink beer and eat fried food. It might work for a week but there is no longevity in that support system. It is hard to stop hanging out with certain friends and it is hard to break “bad” habits but like I said in the long run it will be worth it if your overall goal is to grow and become better than you are right now in this very moment. Once we develop a habit, hanging out with old friends and being around old temptations isn’t nearly as difficult so just know that it doesn’t have to be forever but for now, you have to take the hard road, your happiness depends on it.

For everybody, the time is takes to create a new habit is different but on average it take about two months. It strongly depends on the person, the behavior and the circumstances. Consistency is key and no matter how hard we try to remove all obstacles it is important to be mentally prepared for setbacks and barriers and know that they are part of the process of change and transformation. Setbacks are not negative. They can help us to learn more about ourselves and show us where we can improve to enhance even more growth over time.

Make your steps small; this is a marathon NOT a sprint. If you’ve been eating poorly and are ready to lose 15 pounds please, for the love of life do not cut out entire meals and entire food groups leaving yourself with a lack of nutrients and a lack of energy and severe mood swings until you eat an entire cake by yourself. Start by cutting out crappy food, one of the Five to Thrive from my very first blog. Then progress over time, add meal planning and meal prepping, exercise and a sleep routine etc. I am using losing weight as an example but the same concepts can be applied to any new goal we are trying to reach. When we are trying to be better, the fix can’t be quick; we want our healthy habits carrying us through a lot of great, thriving years ahead.

Here is a quote I’ll leave you with. I came across it a while back and wrote down in my journal. I don’t know who wrote this but it is not my own and it is so damn spot on.

“Your habits will tell you how committed you are, what you’re focused on, what matters to you, and why you’re getting the results you’re getting. At first, creating a habit is unbearable; then it becomes uncomfortable. But, if you stick with it, it becomes unbreakable.”

Happy Monday my friends and Happy Freaking NEW YEAR.

Cheers to growth, to change, to being brave and facing your fears. I believe in you and am always in your corner.

BIG love,