HAPPY Holidays!

The excitement and energy around the holidays is unlike any other. It might be cold but the holiday lights and festive songs create a cheer and joy in the air and the gathering of friends and family throughout the month feels like a big warm hug all month long that can have love seeping out of our pores and smiles on our faces from ear to ear. However the holidays can have us indulging in food and drinks like it’s going to be the last time we sit down for a meal. It is still possible to get through the next couple of weeks without packing on a quick 10 pounds and feeling less energetic and maybe even bad about ourselves.

As we head into this week I am going to give you some helpful ways you can still enjoy yourself at your family and friend gatherings without completely losing yourself or losing sight of your goals.

  • To avoid snacking on baked goods all week, sip on some festive flavored tea throughout the day. Chai tea is known to known to have heart and digestive benefits.
  • To limit excess sugar at parties you can be prepared by bringing your own healthy cookies to share with loved ones. Be the leader.
  • Nutmeg is a super popular holiday ingredient and contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. You can add it to desserts, sweet potatoes, or warm beverages for a healthy and festive touch.
  • You’re more likely to overeat at holiday gatherings if you arrive hungry. Don’t skip all of your meals to save up for overindulging at the party.
  • Instead of skipping meals, fill yourself up with a healthy smoothie and get in some of your important macronutrients as well. Fats, proteins and carbs.
  • It’s easy to overeat the party snacks if you stand around and pick at them. Instead make yourself a plate so you know how much you’re eating.
  • Being sleep deprived can lead to increased hunger and weight gain. So make sure to plan your sleep schedule between now and New Years!
  • It’s normal to feel heavier this week because of water retention in the body. Some ways to help that are to eat natural diuretics like hibiscus and ginger to flush out your system.
  • If you’re traveling this week make sure to drink an extra liter or two of water a day to avoid dehydration. When we are thirsty we can mistake it for being hungry and your body will thank you for the much-needed water to keep the body functioning properly.
  • Lastly, there’s lots of germs that can be included with lots of people at holiday parties, to stay healthy and avoid the common cold make sure to get in lots of zinc and vitamin C.

Tis the season to be happy and that doesn’t mean the happiness has to end as soon as its over. There doesn’t have to be this epic high followed an epic low because we are faced with the daunting task of relieving bloat, dehydration, weight gain, fatigue, and frustration. Instead we can be happy and enjoy all the special parts of our holiday season with confidence and comfort knowing that our whole life isn’t going to have to drastically change as soon as its over. Its all about balance, there is zero success in extremes when in comes to taking care of our health and well being.

For further guidance, reach out to me. As always, I am in your corner.

Wishing you the HAPPIEST of Holidays.

BIG love,